About Us

Computers With A Heart was started in 1990 as the need to support local business friends in the Rome / Utica / Oneida /Syracuse area of upstate central New York State region became apparent. Providing reliable, cost effective, and accurate information became the primary objectives of the technicians who work for the company. Incorporated in 1995, the company has continued to work with managed growth to keep the quality and effectiveness of service at the highest levels. The company has established a OEM relationship with Microsoft and are recognized by Microsoft as a Partner, and participate in Microsoft training events and shows, as the opportunity and time permit. CWAH does not provide a retail store as businesses do not expect to have to find us....we go to them. CWAH does work from a shop in the Verona, NY area, where we stock supplies, components, and have diagnostic testing and assembly space for client needs.

The company builds quality custom systems that are geared to match or beat Dell systems for speed and reliability. Clients are provided with an option of a quote spec sheet that can be sent or provided to any other desired manufacturer of systems. Several years experience have demonstrate that with equivalent quality components and services, that CWAH can beat Dell prices by $300 to $400. We do not build "thow away" quality "all-in-one systems with 1 year quality components. Those clients desiring such systems are urged to buy them from other manufacturers and CWAH will help you with the higher percentage of support and higher levels of hardware repairs after the 1 year warranty is completed. If you wonder, the three year extended warranties offered DO buy an insurance policy to replace the components that might fail, but with the higher failure rate is no responsibility or concern to protect client data. If a client desires to purchase a lower quality system, (normally those offered for under $800 real system cost) then regular back ups of critical data are ESSENTIAL There are reasons that one year components are warrantied for just one year.....a lower quality of the components being provided.

All key components in CWAH Business Pro, Black Beauty, and Business Pro Servers are supported by the component manufacturer's assurance of 3 year quality components backed by their full 3 year warranty on parts and labor. CWAH additional provides these models with full bench test prior to deliver, onsite delivery and setup, data transfer (up to 2 hours free), and 3 years onsite warranty service for a flat fee. The custom systems are provided to the customer with the warranty agreement in place for .the actual wholesale prices of the components used. This is done so that the client is assured that component recommendations are for the benefit of the client and not for CWAH's profits. We make the same amount of money on each business quality computer we build and deliver.....all in the $300 flat fee for a full system or $250 for a tower without a monitor.

CWAH provides on site support for networks, peripherals, telecommunications support, and even security system assistance for small businesses